Feel the Love – Lennox

Siferds is thrilled to announce we are partnering with Lennox for their Feel the Love program.
The Feel the Love program brings heating and cooling equipment to deserving families who need a helping hand.
1. The community nominates
2. Lennox provides the equipment
3. Siferds provides the time, labor, and supplies
Please go to feelthelove.com to find out more/nominate.
Deadline for nominations is August 31, 2024.
Installations take place October 5-12, 2024

Financing Available

2 available options. Easy application process.

Call our office, reach out to Boston@siferds.com for further information, or ask your scheduled technician!


Tax Rebates

Lennox launched a new tool that pulls available rebates in your area to one place.

You can check it out, just go to Lennox.com click Homeowner then click the learn more button on the ECO rebates slide.  It will bring you to the landing page with a display about what it is.  Scroll down to where you see a place to enter your zip code and it will populate all the equipment that has rebates including the federal tax rebates and local utility rebates.  On the local page it will have a link for the homeowner to fill out the form.  You can also click the button for more information.  One just keeps you on the page and gives a brief rundown of the qualifications, the other takes you to the Energy star site.  These are just federal and local offers.

As always, with any tax rebate situation, please refer to your tax professional with any questions. 

Specific tax rebates available through certain dealers, contact us for further details.



Offered on all services.